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Alicia Keys animera les Grammy Awards! Vennero con lantedetto Pticovich il cavalier domino Tom Pellessa Albanese, e insieme missier Vincenzo Decca con missier Piero Volvizza dAntivari,24 li quail dissero, che la strada per Uscopia25sarebbe pi sicura e pi facile; ma quattro giornate pi lunga. E cos affermaron li turchi. Onde sua signoria illustr.

Per compensar con questavvantaggio la tardit interposta dal tempo contrario nel viaggio di mare, e delle difficolt prenarrate nel prender quello di terra, deliber di tener la via di Elbassano26, perch anche , essendo insolita a personaggi , fuggisse loccasione che a Costantinopoli pervenisse lavviso della sua andata prima del suo arrivo.

And the 19 May , when the bailo and his suite was already in Elbasan he adds: 19 Maggio, domenega. Ci fermassimo in Elbassan hieri et oggi per provvedere di nuove cavalcature per Salonicchi,28 havendo sua signoria illustr.

Voluto eleggere questa strada piuttosto che quella di Euscopia,29 perch per linformazioni havute, pi corta, pi facile e pi sicura, e sintese anche che per essa si era incamminato il sanzacco di Scutari30 nuovamente deposto, per andare a Costantinopoli. These sources are rich in detailed descriptions of the cities along the Egnatia called in Turkish Sol Kol, i. The Left Way and of the constellation of buildings such as mosques, hospices, baths, caravanserais, tekkes, fountains and others public buildings.

For example, Bernardo found the towns he saw usually provided with well-built and properly looked after caravanserais, where he lodged. This is a clear indication that the Egnatia was used at that time. It is also a proof of the 25 N. Europa Program Yearbook existence of several vakf supporting the management and the maintenance of those caravanserais.

It seems that the Ottomans started the construction work along the Egnatia right after the conquest of Western Thrace and Eastern Macedonia in the s and s. For instance, the Ottoman army crossed segments of the western Egnatia during the military campaign in against Avlona. In fact, according to Evliya elebi: The Sinan Pasha mosque [in Elbasan] inside the fortress with its large congregation has a spiritual atmosphere, but it is now full of biscuits stoked for the Ottoman army preparing to attack the fortress of Kotor in 26 Venetian territory.

In fact, quintals of these biscuits were loaded onto carts and sent to Durrs and from there to Mania by ship for the Ottoman troops there.

There were 1, mosques in Albania itself at the end of the Second World War. An estimated 1, of the mosques in Albania survived unscathed up to , but then, in an unprecedented act of extremism, Islam and all other religions were simply banned by the communist authorities. The willful destruction of Islamic culture in Albania became all the more severe during the late sixties and the early seventies, when almost all the mosques in the country, including some, which had just been restored and were of inestimable cultural value, were demolished or transferred for other use.

A few buildings were simply locked up and thus survived the cultural carnage in a more or less recognizable form, among which the Nazireshes Mosque pre of Elbasan.

According to Elbasan scholar Lef Nosi , there were still 31 mosques in Elbasan in Of the five mosques that survived the Cultural Revolution of , four were destroyed in the following decade. About 30 of the most important ones have been well preserved as a result of edict, which, he says, protected Albanias cultural patrimony while allowing the people to destroy those mosques and churches which had no historical value. Dashi says that the edict was issued only because the chief of Albanias Institute of Architectural Preservation convinced the Communist that the destruction had to be stopped.

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If it had gone on for another three years, he says you wouldnt be able to find any mosques of churches in Albania today. Furthermore we should connected the interests of Sultan Murad II in Via Egnatia with his efforts to secure the conquest of Albania against Venetians, who at that time, dominated routes of Adriatic Sea. Europa Program Yearbook which here emerges from the mountains.

Nowadays, the road that linked Tirana with Elbasan is still very narrowed and difficult, not very far from the Venetian description: Da Petrella,45 onde si comincia ad entrar ne monti, incomincia anche la cattiva strada, la quale, pi si va innanzi sir ova peggiore, con ascese e discese anguste e dirupate, per le quali le some passano difficilmente, e bisogn che li portalettiche portassero in molti luoghi a mano la lettica.

The fortress is a typical castrum statum, the military camp of a Roman legion. The fortress, called nowadays with the word of Turkish origin, kala, has a rectangular form of x meters, oriented with the shorter side northeast-southwest and defined by a crossing where two roads meet at a right angle one of these roads is the Egnatia. A moat of approximately 11 meters wide once surrounded the fortress.

The first fortress was built during the time of the Roman emperor Diocletian , using the roman technique so called opus mixtum. During the time of the Byzantine emperor Justinian the fortress underwent extensive repairs.

In the Ottoman period, the fortress, round which the town grew up, was built with great speed at the command of Mehmet II while Kruje was being unsuccessfully besieged in the summer of , as a base for future operations against Iskandar Beg; it resisted a siege in the following spring.

The fortress of Elbasan is situated on a fertile plain, which stretches northwards and southwards for a quarter of an hour. The surrounding hills and mountains are covered in vineyards. This square and solid built, ancient construction is situated in a broad valley on the bank of Skumbin River. It is 15 ells high. The outer ramparts of the fortress are skillfully constructed and have 50 towers.

Beginning in the space belonging to the southwest zone of the Elbasan kala has 28 been restored and revitalized through a project thanks to the Albanian arch.

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Reshat Gega. Further archaeological works are about to be carried out in order to excavated the Roman Egnatia, which is supposed to lie a couple of meters under the modern road that crosses the kala.

Is it characteristic of Albania that the largest works of Ottoman architecture from the 15th and 16th century was works of military engineering. Elbassano luogo posto in pianura, e con muraglie antichissime. Qui fa residenza il sanzacco di questa provincia, che al presente uno nominato Mehmet bey fratello di un signo persiano che nella Guerra passata si diede allobbedienza del Signor turco, il qual fu fatto visitare col solito presente dallillistrissimo sig.

Bernardo, ricercandolgi favore et huomini per passar sicuri per il suo sanzacato; il che concesse cortesemente.

Questa terra mercantile di cordovani e lane. Vi sono due cavarser.

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Vi corre un fiume detto Egrede, il qual si guazza due volte prima che si giunga alla citt. And also that the city was a trading post for hides and wool and there were two caravanserais. After the consolidation of the Ottomans on Northern Albania and the Adriatic coast, the fortress rapidly lost its military importance. But the town, always and still predominantly Muslim, remained a flourishing trade-centre.

Evliya describes a prosperous and attractive town with 18 Muslim and 10 Christian mahalle, 46 mosques, 11 tekkes, 11 hans and a very frequented market. The following is the description of the bazaar, as it should look in The grand bazaar of Elbasan has shops although they are not all on the main street. Rather the shops are laid out along all the public thoroughfares. These attractive markets are well stocked, clean, orderly and well kept, roofed and shaded.

The nicest markets are those of the saddlers, the silkmakers and the goldsmiths []. The city has no stonework bedestan adequate to its prosperity, but precious goods from all over the world can be found51 N. Europa Program Yearbook What is very interesting in Evliyas account of Elbasan, is that it is still possible to identify objects and places as they are described in the Seyahatname.

The followings are some examples of these comparisons.